Portable fire extinguishers save lives
and property by putting out  small
fires or containing them until help

Safety tips for fire extinguishers:

You should only use portable
extinguishers under certain

1)  when the fire is confined to a small
2)  when the fire is not spreading,
3)  when everyone else has safely
exited the building
4)  when the fire department is
already on the way or has been
5)  when the room is not already filled
with smoke.


Remember the word PASS when you
use a fire extinguisher:  

1)  P:  Pull the pin, point the nozzle
away from you, and then release the
locking mechanism.
2)  A:  Aim the nozzle at the base of
the fire.  
3)  S:  Squeeze the lever slowly and
evenly to discharge it.
4)  S:  Sweep the nozzle from
side-to-side to smother the flames.

How to choose an extinguisher.

The type of extinguisher varies
depending on where you intend to
use it and what type of fire you may
have to combat.  Consult your fire
extinguisher professional to make
certain your home or business is set
up with the proper number and  types  
of extinguishers.   
Know how to use your extinguisher.
Also, be certain to set up a regular
schedule of inspection so you’ll always
be ready for any emergency.

A multi-purpose extinguisher can be
used on all types of home fires.  
Businesses may have special needs. In
either case you'll want to get a unit that
is large enough to put out a small fire,
but not so heavy as to be difficult to
handle.   You’ll also want to choose a
fire extinguisher that carries the label of
an independent testing laboratory.   Not
all extinguishers are of the same quality
so consult your professional to be
certain yours is adequate to the task.  
Once you select an extinguisher read
the instructions that come with it and
familiarize yourself with its parts and
operation.  It’s always good to be
prepared.  Many local fire departments
or fire equipment distributors often offer
hands-on fire extinguisher trainings.

Where to install your extinguisher.

It’s best to install your fire extinguishers
close to an exit and remember to keep
your back to the exit when you use it so
you can make an easy escape if the fire
cannot be controlled. If the room fills
with smoke, leave immediately.  Don’t
wait for smoke to build up.   

Plan ahead.

Remember, caution is always the best
course.  Know when to leave.  If you’re
not sure, get out.  Fire extinguishers are
an excellent fire response plan to put
out a fire, but the first consideration
should always be your safety.   Every
household or business should practice
fire escape plans.  It should never be a
mystery.  With the proper foresight and
a little common sense injury and
property damage can be minimized.
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