In 2005, there were 1,602,000 fires reported in the United States

This number was down 3% from 2004. These fires caused 3,675
civilian deaths, 17,925 civilian injuries, 87 firefighter deaths, and
$10.7 billion in property damage.

511,000 were structure fires (down 3% from 2004), causing 3,105
civilian deaths, 15,325 civilian injuries, and $9.2 billion in property
290,000 were vehicle fires  (down 2% from 2004), causing 520
civilian fire deaths, 1,650 civilian fire injuries, and $1.3 billion in
property damage.
801,000 were outside and other fires (up 10% from 2004), causing
50 civilian fire deaths, 950 civilian fire injuries, and $0.2 billion in
property damage.

The 2005 U.S. fire loss clock

A fire department responded to a fire every 20 seconds.
One structure fire was reported every 62 seconds.
One home structure fire was reported every 83 seconds
One civilian fire injury was reported every 29 minutes.
One civilian fire death occurred every 2 hours and 23 minutes.
One outside fire was reported every 39 seconds.
One vehicle fire was reported every 109 seconds.
Fire Statistics as reported by the
National Fire Protection Association
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Fire Extinguishers in the News
Source:  Hot Topics Newsletter From Brooks Equipment, Volume 6, Issue 1, April/May 2007
Small Fire Forces Evacuation In Downtown TVA Building
Chattanooga, TN - No injuries were reported in connection with a small fire in the
TVA Office Complex in downtown Chattanooga.  The fire started shortly after 7 a.m.  
An operations manager at TVA said the fire alarm system indicated the fire was in a
hallway on the 4th floor.  When he got to that location, he located the fire in the
vicinity of some paper files and successfully used a portable fire extinguisher to put
out the flames.  Several fire companies responded to the scene but their services
were not needed.  No injuries were reported.

Blowtorch Starts Small Fire at Trinity Building
Rock Island, IL - Sparks from a blowtorch caused some insulation to smolder in a
power plant building at Trinity Medical Center, West Campus, during the afternoon.  
Firefighters responded to the building, which is detached from the hospital at about
1:15 p.m.  A hospital spokeswoman said there were no injuries or evacuations and
power to the hospital was not affected.  Damage was minimal.  The fire was put out
with a fire extinguisher before Rock Island firefighters arrived.

Fire Forces Evacuations at Airport
Manchester, NH - A small fire at the Sam Adams Pub at Master-Boston Regional
Airport led to the evacuation of less than 100 people.  Londonderry police officers
forced their way into the pub's back room, and with a fire extinguisher, knocked down
an electrical fire, sparked from a freezer unit's motor.  Employees and others were
evacuated from the terminal for 15 to 20 minutes.  No flights were affected by the
And the sparks
were flying, but then...
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